Pupil behaviour software for all education settings

We support specialist settings with affordable, tailored pupil management systems that reduce staff workload and improve children’s outcomes

Used by Special Schools, Pupil Referral Units, Alternative Provision, Independents and mainstream Primary schools

IRIS Adapt in action at Stone Bay School

At Adaptsoft, we understand that each school has its own unique set of requirements. Whether you’re seeking a dedicated behavior log or a comprehensive pupil information management system, we’ve got you covered with a range of customisable options to suit your needs.

What can IRIS Adapt do for you?

Capture and analyse crucial data beyond the basics of who, what, and where.

IRIS Adapt allows you to record triggers, setting events, functions of behaviour, calming strategies, physical interventions, staff actions, and more, providing you with comprehensive insights to inform your school decision-making.

How we work

We collaborate closely with you to understand your school’s pain points. Together, we develop tailored solutions that meet your specific needs and the requirements.

From downloadable Behaviour Intervention Plans (BIPs) and Behavior Management Plans (BMPs) to Positive Handling Plans, Accident Reports, Risk Assessments and more, IRIS Adapt’s suite of tools is designed to make the handling of pupil information simpler and more efficient.

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Seamless system updates at no extra cost

We understand that change is constant. As your student cohorts evolve and regulations shift, your IRIS Adapt system can adapt in real time with no disruption to your operations.

We offer hassle-free updates, tweaks, expansions, and revisions to ensure that your system remains aligned with the latest best practices, all at no additional cost.

"Our reporting system has improved dramatically since using IRIS Adapt! I would highly recommend to other schools."

Behaviour Lead, Heltwate Special School, Peterborough

"IRIS Adapt is well embedded across the school and is part of our everyday routines and procedures. Everything is in one place making it user friendly, including behaviour logs, significant information, CPD, accident/ injury, parent contact etc."

Behaviour Lead, Heltwate Special School, Peterborough

Lead SaLT Therapist, St Marylebone C of E Bridge School, London

"IRIS Adapt is proving to be an excellent system that meets our needs really well. It has transformed the way we can look at and use data. The team at IRIS has been exceptional in supporting us to set it up; and has been creative and innovative in finding bespoke solutions to our specific data needs."

"Our reporting of issues such as behaviour, accidents, safeguarding etc is now more efficient. Outstanding functionality but also amazing on-going support from the team at Iris Adapt."

Behaviour Lead, Heaton School, Stockport

"The team at IRIS Adapt are brilliant; the software is adaptable and bespoke to every school. I have introduced IRIS into my last 3 schools and have never met a staff member who does not like it - or wants to go back to (my concern, Excel spreadsheets, paper based logging etc.)"

Headteacher, Stonebay School, Kent

"The IRIS Adapt software is so easy to use and it helps the leadership team monitor so much, yet so easily! H&S, Safeguarding, Near misses, Accidents, Behaviour, Pupil Progress and so much more all in one place. Pupil premium is now effectively reviewed and headteacher governor reports are so easy to pull together."

Headteacher, Stonebay School, Kent

"I have found (IRIS Adapt) so easy to use. The support you get from the team at IRIS Adapt is second to none and the speed in which they deal with things is amazing."

Head of Care, Stonebay School, Kent

"I have found (IRIS Adapt) so easy to use. The support you get from the team at IRIS Adapt is second to none and the speed in which they deal with things is amazing."

"This system has revolutionised the amount of time I as a Behaviour lead spend on analysing and interpreting behaviour data in order to create reports for a range of audiences including Ofsted. IRIS Adapt is incredibly good value for money and I would highly recommend this product without reservation."

Deputy Headteacher, Peak School, Derbyshire

"IRIS Adapt has been a game changer within our setting. It has made reporting, recording and sharing information much more efficient across the school. Individual behaviour plans are accessible to all staff at a click of a button. This enables staff to be consistent with their approach when working alongside pupils."

Behaviour lead/Trainer, Piper Hill High School, Manchester

"We have a piece of software that is bespoke to our setting. It's easy to input information, do data analysis, show trends, see progress, create reports from and if we require any changes a quick phone call and it's adapted!"

Headteacher, Clifford Holroyde SEN College, Liverpool

"IRIS is adapted to work for school rather than the other way round, as we have found with previous platforms/software. We have been really impressed."

Co-Headteacher, Heathfield Primary School

"So easy to use, so adaptable and flexible, great value for money, super after sales support. Certainly fills a current gap in the market."

Exec Headteacher, Ignite Federation, Rugby

"We rely totally on Iris Adapt for so many areas! Essential software for us."

Exec Headteacher, Ignite Federation, Rugby

"IRIS is a very useful tool for me in my role of leading on behaviour across a mainstream school and in a Resource Provision. It provides useful insights that are clearly presented at the click of a couple of buttons. The representative that worked with me to set up IRIS for my school, and organise the tabs so that they were personalised and exactly what we needed, has provided excellent ongoing support."

Behaviour Lead, Broad Oak Primary School, Manchester

"We have a system that is bespoke to our needs. The team at IRIS Adapt has worked hard to ensure it is right for us. Since it arrived, they have worked to add and edit the system to further suit our needs. Any changes I ask for are implimented promptly. I can highly recommend the system and the service."

VQ Admin Manager, Pearson TQ, Harrogate

"We are able to deep dive and analyse the data it can generate for our pupils. The team at IRIS Adapt are always so helpful and reply to our enquiries straight away."

SBM, CEWE School Wigan